• Be happy in your life!

  • Achieve more by doing less

  • Live a calmer less stressful and more productive life

  • Fall back in love with your honey again!

  • Enjoy spending time with your kids

  • Find time for YOU!

  • Connect with women just like you and make new friends.

A happy and healthy life is not a Fairytale
— — Ann Marie Henke, FOUNDER

Light Happy LIfe is about YOU.  

If this is you then you are in the right place:

You've lived a bit of life.  Did what you were "supposed to do".  Went to school, got a job, had a few kids.  And now you are wondering "how the heck did I get here?"  "Is this all there is?".  Have a few kids, a honey, maybe a divorce. Work, pay the bills, have a to-do list that is a mile long.  Light Happy Life is about YOU re-connecting with the girl you were when you graduated school, when you had dreams, when you felt like anything was possible.  Light Happy Life is about meeting new women in a private forum, feeling supported, getting what you need to have time for YOURSELF.  Light Happy Life is here for you to read when you are running around and just need a break.  Time to check in and feel inspired by what is possible in life.  

Light Happy Life is about YOU living your best life.  

Hi there!  I'm Ann Marie and I created Light Happy Life.  It's not about me at all.  It's about YOU.  But I get it, you want to know what's the deal!  My story began years ago when I was crying on the bathroom floor at work.  I knew that this life was NOT what I had planned.  Getting up early, heading to work, dealing with all the laundry list of life issues, then making dinner and taking care of home/family.   My only release was wine, TMZ, and kitten videos on Facebook.  (and chocolate, always chocolate!).  

One day, I found myself exhausted, glued to the couch watching Netflix and thought there had to be a better way.  So I started my work.  My investigations.  I became a Certified Health Coach, a Yoga Instructor, a Meditation leader.  And I started coaching women 1:1 and in group programs.  They all had one thing in common:

All the women I spoke with said they were NOT happy.  

How sad is that? 

And I realized they were all doing what I had done in some variation.  Maybe getting a massage or taking a yoga class once a week but then going back at it.  Being Unhappy.  Dealing with the day-to-day.  Then escaping to the routine, Netflix, wine...

I started looking on the web for a place to go to get inspiration for REAL life.  There were sites that were focused on 25 year olds living in New York City.  Not me as I was 20 years past that!   Sites that were celebrity based but that required you spend $700 on the ingredients for a smoothie.  Not me as I have a mortgage to pay.  And Blogs that pretended that life was perfect in every photo.  So not me as there may be laundry in the hallway right now!  

Then I reached out to my fellow coaches who all had amazing content and also agreed there was nowhere online for a woman who checked the above 35 box to go that supported her in a positive way...  They all said, let us contribute!   And Light Happy Life was born. 

So join in on the LIGHT HAPPY LIFE movement. Because....

LIFE should be LIGHT, simple, free and Happy and fulfilling.