There has to be a better way. 


Stressed, overworked, overweight, exhausted, unhappy. 

I wanted to press RESET on my life. 

knew there had to be a better way.  

So I set out to find it.  I became a Certified Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, and full time investigator into myself and into what is going on with women's lives.

I decided it was time to DETOX. 

- Get rid of things that were no longer serving me

- Release the guilt

- Eat healthy, organic, clean 

- Remove myself from toxic relationships

- Be a better earth steward and be greener

- Get real with what I want and how I want to help others

- Radically reduce the amount of chemicals in personal care and cleaning in my home


Light Happy Life is my way of sharing this with you.

You may find ways to

Lighten up:  clean eating tips, recipes, cool ideas for being your best YOU

Be Happy:  make your life easier.  Stop wasting time, and ENJOY life. 

Live your life the way it was meant to be -- happy, clean, and easy! 

I started working with women to lead better lives and I came across a simple Norwegian solution for us to remove the chemicals from our homes.  


You will see a few references in to their AMAZING products.  It's a company and a mission that I stand behind so much so that I joined as an Independent Sales Consultant . 

My reviews are my own and my honest opinion. 

If you wish to purchase Norwex, great!  That will help support my online "habit" and allow me to help even more people Detox their lives.