Is this where I'm going to tell you that you have to sit on a pillow/meditation cushion for two hours a day?  No way.  

You have a life.  You have $^!# to do.  Bills to pay. Mouths to feed.  

This is mindfulness for real lives. Practical mindfulness. 

It's where we have an open conversation about Mindfulness.  What it is, what is Light Happy Life's definition of PRACTICAL mindfulness.  

Each video is short, so put your headphones on while you are waiting for school drop off, when you are walking around the grocery store, or just in bed at night as a way to think about amazing things during the day.  Light Happy Life is here for you.  This is real mindfulness for real life.  Light Happy Life is REAL content for REAL women. 


What is PRACTICAL mindfulness?

PRACTICAL mindfulness is the Light Happy Life approach to mindfulness.  It is being aware of your thoughts, words, body, and breath.  Then noting what is going on and/or taking action to change it. 


The Science of Mindfulness

This is not just some "hippy dippy" stuff.  Mindfulness is real and has been studied by doctors, academics and scientists.  It is PROVEN to work.  So, put your glasses on (like I did) and your white lab coat and check out the Science behind mindfulness. 


Why Yoga works and 1 minute breathing

Why do you feel better after yoga?  I'll reveal that here and my #1 requested simple technique to help you destress and feel better!