What the heck is PRACTICAL Mindfulness?

If I could show you a way to become happier, healthier and more vibrant, would that be appealing to you?  I can.  It's PRACTICAL Mindfulness. 

When you think of mindfulness, you may think of a yogi sitting on a mat in an ashram.  Stop right there.  

That's great but it's not what Mindful March is all about.  It's about PRACTICAL MINDFULNESS. A way to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life so that you can be happy and enjoy all the little things in life. 

As we kick off Mindful March and you get ready for some AMAZING coaches, I'll be using the first few days to guide you through PRACTICAL Mindfulness.   This FREE guide will set you up for success as you meet all of our coaches.  Take a look at the first video to start to dig in.  

Don't worry -- everything is short, sweet, and super easy to understand!

With love and light, 

Ann Marie