Mindful March

What is PRACTICAL MINDFULNESS and why do I need it? 

I get it.  Life is busy.  You have a thousand things to do and don't have space for one more thing. But here is the problem, you are stressed, overworked, overwhelmed, and quite frankly just not in love with your life anymore.  

When people ask you how you are you say "I'm so BUSY!".  Busy is not a badge of honor.  Reading e-mail while on the toilet is not an effective use of your time.  Multitasking while on the phone to your friend is not a good way to keep your friendship strong. 

Enter Practical Mindfulness!   It's not sitting on a mat for two hours a day meditating. That's great but I don't know about you... I don't have two extra hours in a day!   So PRACTICAL MINDFULNESS is incorporating the best mindfulness techniques in all areas of your life. 

The Light Happy Life definition of mindfulness is: 

Being aware of your thoughts words, body, and breath.  

Then observing it, noting it or taking action to change it. 

And that is why we are having Mindful March.  A collection of AMAZING coaches offering your their best ideas about PRACTICAL MINDFULNESS. 

Each one of these coaches will provide a  SHORT video interview on Mindfulness and FREE content that they KNOW will work for you. 

I'll be popping in with content as well to provide an overview of mindfulness what it is and why its the real deal.    The first video is below that will welcome you to Mindful March. 

Get ready for a wonderful MINDFUL MARCH!

With love and light, Ann Marie