Welcome to MINDFUL MARCH!  This is a place where you can come when you need a break.  To tune in to YOU. Take a few minutes for a breather and find out how you can live a life where you can take time for yourself, find space in your life, be healthy, and be a good mom.   

Each interview is short, so put your headphones on while you are waiting for school drop off, when you are walking around the grocery store, or just in bed at night as a way to think about amazing things during the day.  Light Happy Life is here for you.  These coaches are AMAZING experts in their fields and they all have content that you can use in your daily life.  It is REAL content for REAL women. 

It starts with me (Ann Marie!) introducing mindfulness and what it is all about.  Then you get to dive into my amazing coaching colleagues!


Ann Marie Henke  What is Mindfulness?

Ann Marie Henke

What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness?

Hi there!  I'm Ann Marie, creator of Light Happy Life.  I'm super passionate about getting rid of the "busy, burnt out woman syndrome" which is why I created LHL and The Mindful March Experience.  Mindful March is an experience because it's a journey for you to dive into mindfulness.  And not sitting on your mat for two hours burning incense.  You have stuff to do.  This is REAL life people!  

So as a kickoff to Mindful March, I'm going to guide you through all about mindfulness. Practical Mindfulness the Light Happy Life way.  Follow the link below to learn all about mindfulness. 

Mindful March: Week 1

Would you like to start your day off right, be healthy AND be a calm mom?  Join our coaches here for the first week of Mindful March!

Kim Argetsinger on Mindful Morning Routines and how only a few minutes each morning can CHANGE your entire day.  

Carrie Eckert on Mindful Healing and how listening to her body led her on a journey to wellness. 

Christine Berry on being a Mindful Mum.  How enjoying the small moments with your kids can change your outlook. 

Mindful March -- Week 2

Casey Berglund on Mindful Eating and making positive health behavior changes that last!

Cindy Ellen on Mindful Energy and breaking through your energy BLOCKS!

Danielle Hawthorne on Mindful Mindset and her "Magic Mindset Lists"

Megan McAvoy on Mindfully Defining your Own Success


Mindful March -- Week 3

Julia Cartwright - Create a beautiful, mindfully designed home

Joia Gibble - The practice of Emotional Mindfulness

Julie Rachelle - Awaken the JOY within.  Experience Self-Love through Mindfulness. 

Clair Moore -- Mindful Herbals for Radical Self Care



Mindful March -- Week 4

Crystal Gordon - Mindfulness and Emotional Eating


Dr. Tilean Clarke - Why making Mindful Time for YOU matters!


Carol Eagan -  Is Good Enough, Good Enough? 


Melissa Jay - Mindfully Manifesting Self-Love


Cristina de la Fuente -- Mindful Awakening

Now OPEN --Mindful March -- Week 5 -- BONUS week!

Did you know there were 5 weeks in March?  

Samm Murphy -- Mindfully exit the F.O.G. of life

Laura Charelle -- A Mindfully Balanced Body

Barbara Iuliano -- How to mindfully boost your confidence

Ann Marie Henke -- Mindful March Wrap Up