Mindful time for YOU

Your next mindful session is with Dr. Tilean Clarke and is called ‘Mindful Time For You’ where you will focus on how to easily incorporate mindfulness into even the busiest of days to a point where you can see positive transformations in your life!

Dr. Tilean is a Chartered Psychologist turned Soul Inspired Business Coach, devoted to helping you conquer fear, stress and anxiety and become the best version of yourself. Dr. Tilean helps to empower women to create a life that sets their soul on fire, supporting women on an emotional level to incorporate tools like mindfulness into their life, so they transform their lives all together. She does this through retreats and private coaching.

In my interview with Dr. Tilean, you will learn:

  • The moment that changed everything and caused her to make changes in her life.
  • How a daily practice of mindfulness impacts on your brain and leads to well being benefits.
  • Your #1 mindful living tip that can be easily incorporated into your everyday life.
  • Why making mindful time for YOU matters!
  • How to escape the NOISE around you to reblance and reconnect with the most important person you know... YOU!
  • Her secret to a LIGHT HAPPY LIFE

As a free gift to you, she is offering you her FREE AUDIO TRAINING {+ BONUS workbook} which provides you with mindset tips and a visualisation experience that will shift your mindset NOW.  

For information on her Barbados retreat, click here!

Head to www.drtilean.com to create the dream life you desire!