Your next Mindful March session is with Melissa Jay, and is called Mindfully Manifesting Self-Love. In this session, you will learn how to mindfully manifest self-love through the practice of self-care. Melissa is a psychologist and relationship coach whose passion is empowering compassionate souls to love themselves, unconditionally.

In my interview with Melissa, you will learn:

  • Her story, including how she was ‘rescued’ by her rescue dog, Lulu.  

  • How she learned to stop people-pleasing and start pleasing herself.

  • How ‘self-care’ enhances your relationship with yourself and others.  

  • How a mindful self-care practice is necessary in cultivating self-love.

  • How to begin practicing mindful self-care, through her online course.

  • Her secret to a LIGHT HAPPY LIFE