Awaken the JOY within!

Julie Rachelle, a self love specialist, committed to helping women experience more freedom in their lives. She helps women through private coaching breakthrough limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck, step into self love, experience inner peace, love themselves fiercely, and truly enjoy life.

In my interview with Julie, you will learn:

  • Her story -- including waking up in a hospital bed!
  • The moment that changed everything and made her realize that she had gifts inside of her to share with the world and to help other women.
  • Her mindful advice about AWAKENING the JOY Within YOU and experiencing mindfulness through nature and JOY in ordinary moments daily
  • Her secret to feeling peace and calm during the chaos of life
  • Why Self-Love matters in this busy world!

Julie's FREE Self-Love video series

FREE Self-Love video series for the woman desiring more INNER PEACE and FREEDOM in her life

Julie's 5 key steps will take you from self doubt and limiting beliefs to SELF LOVE and JOY

  • how to stop feeling stuck and take ENERGIZED action
  • how to get over the past and ENJOY the present
  • how to LET GO of perfectionism and comparison
  • how to let go of self sabotage and CHANGE the relationship with yourself
  • PLUS 5 bonus real food DELISH RECIPES to fuel your body, mind, and soul, while you do this inner work

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