Do you want to become more aware of your emotions?

Let Joia Gibble show you how to tune into your emotions for personal growth and inner peace.  

Joia is a holistic practitioner who focuses on the root causes of any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual discomforts.  She helps women overcome grief after the loss of a loved one so they can live a life of joy and empowerment.  

In my interview with Joia, you will learn:

  • Her story of how she lost and then found herself again.
  • How your emotions, body, mind, and spirit are all connected.
  • The foundational tools for releasing negative emotions such as anger, sadness and overwhelm.
  • Her mindful advice about living your Truth from within.
  • What Emotional Fitness is and how practicing it will bring you closer to eternal joy
  • Her secret to a Light Happy Life

Joia's FREE 10 Day Emotional Bootcamp

10 days of exercises and support to strengthen your emotional fitness, including:

Grounding, Forgiveness, Envisioning, Releasing Emotions, Working with your Spirit Guides, and more!

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