Mindful Awakening

Cristina de la Fuente on the Mindful Awakening that shifted her approach to her career. 

Cristina helps high performing women to get out of the struggle and the busyness of the modern lifestyle and enter a life of flow, balance and ease. Her coaching methods based on spiritual techniques combined with her experience as a Senior Manager in a large corporation are a truly powerful support to many women in navigating the challenges of a demanding work life through inner awareness and mindfulness.  Cristina de la Fuente will introduce a new life philosophy which will help you achieve your ambitions without having to struggle, feel constant worry, or sacrifice your free time.

In my interview with Cristina, you will learn:

  • Her story,
  • How her success in her corporate career ended up ruining everything.
  • The one big question she asked herself that took her on a journey of self discovery. 
  • Her mindful advice about how to QUIT being busy and START living fully.
  • How to make simple changes starting today.  
  • Her secret to a Light Happy Life 

Cristina is offering a free video training series called "Awakening from the busyness of life into the full experience of truly living"