Christine Berry

Mindfulness for Busy Moms (or Mums as the Australians say!)

Let Christine Berry from show you how to implement mindfulness in a busy lifestyle so you can transform it from chaos to calm.  

Christine is a passionate mentor and transformational life coach with a sincere desire to support mums to become the best role model they can be for their kids. Through her own journey of healing, of self-love and of mindfulness practice, combined with her studies, she has found what it takes to live a life that’s fulfilling and rewarding whilst showing your kids how to do the same. 

She has attained a Master Practitioner of Life Coaching, is a Meta-Dynamics and NLP Practitioner and brings her experience as a parent of 3 sons, her love of Non-Violent Communication and Mindfulness, into creating unique packages for her clients.

In my interview with Christine, you will learn:

  • Her story
  • Mindful role modeling.....Why role modeling functional adulthood is so important
  • Why your own parenting triggers your responses with your kids
  • How to create connection and calmness in your day
  • The secret to a Light Happy Life as a busy Mom!