Why Mindfulness Matters with Carol Eagan.  Focus on the importance of daily self care and mindfulness training with Carol Egan,  a no-nonsense and soft-hearted health coach committed to helping you reap all the benefits living in a healthy body offers! Carol offers private 1:1 coaching, group training and corporate workshops.  Her story emerges out of her journey from illness to wellness, plus 25 years of study into healing and human potential. 

In my interview with Carol, you will learn:

  • The moment that changed everything and caused her to make changes in her health and life. 
  • Her advice about the importance of self care and a mindfulness practice. 
  • The questions to ask yourself about your health is, do you feel mindfully connected to your health and wellbeing? Do you wake up energized for the day? Do you feel that you are achieving your fullest potential, or is fatigue, imbalance or chronic symptoms holding you back?   
  • Why energy matters.
  • Her secret to a LIGHT HAPPY LIFE

As a free gift to you, she is offering you Five to Thrive:

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