You are invited to join the Mindful March Experience with myself and 15 other mindfulness experts in life and health coaching.

Here is a sample of what you will get:  Meditations, Trainings, REAL life hacks, simple tricks to create more space in your life and in your heart.  

The Mindful March Experience is a series of interviews with AMAZING coaches who will provide the best information for you to life a Mindful, Light, Happy Life.  These interviews are short so you can sit down, have a cup of tea and enjoy listening to these experts.  

It's about living YOUR best life.  

Light Happy life is about living YOUR best life with real priorities from family, work, home.  Your life that is lived best mindfully.

 Making Mindful decisions about YOUR health, wealth, business, career, relationships and LOVE.   

Mindfulness is: 

  • Knowing when to push back from the table
  • Knowing when to put the computer down! 
  • Removing stress and worry and enjoying every moment of your life.  
  • How to make good choices based on how you feel
  • How to reignite your relationship with your honey again (yes, that includes sex!)
  • How to balance work, life and kids --- it's not a fairy tale

What is a Light Happy LIfe?

Light -- Release from worry, stress, clutter, weight....

Happy -- how can you enjoy life again?  You CAN look forward to everyday! 

Life -- put it all together for your REAL life.  Practical tips and REAL life.  Not for a celebrity.