Farm to Table or in this case Table IN Farm

I'm passionate about buying local wherever possible.  I live in Massachusetts so I know that my coconut oil will NEVER be local so I figure I have to make up for it.  In summer it is a bounty here, beautiful local farms that have been supported by their community.  

I heard about Outstanding In the Field from a friend and it is a way to have an amazing experience where they set up a table in a field and cook the most incredible dinner (and serve yummy wines!).  If it comes to a town near you... don't hesitate.  Just go. 

And look for your local farmers and farmers markets.  Bring a reusable produce bag and a good shopping bag that has the ability to stop bacteria from growing.  I resisted the veggie bag for a while as a "nuisance" but now I keep them in my grocery bag and they are ready to go. 

I know living in New England that I will always need my veggies "imported" during the winter months so in the warmer seasons, I do what I can!  And if that involves sitting in a farmers field while eating and drinking local.... that's pretty cool. 

Ann Marie Henke