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Detox = Happiness

When most of us hear the Detox word we think deprivation, hunger, juice cleanse and worse.  We may think of it as a suffering.  and no chocolate. 

I challenge you to instead think of a detox as a way to clear out your life of what is weighing you down, what is NOT good for you.  When you detox you make space in your body, home, career, and soul for new opportunities and new joy.  

So here are 7 steps for you to do a Light Happy Detox.


Step 1: Eat Healthy

Don’t freak out. I’m not going to tell you to give up everything you love. You know this deep down inside what you need to do. It's your woman's intuition and  common sense. 

Eat mostly plants -- veggies and fruit. You’ve heard it before but now it's even more important given that your hormones are totally changing. Plant based foods don’t wreak havoc with your hormones or digestion. But keep it simple. Instead of having half and half in your coffee go for a wonderful coconut creamer.  Instead of a turkey sandwich go for a quinoa bowl instead. Choose some nuts on your salad instead of chicken. Then when you are at your friends house and having grilled filet mignon; don't worry about it! 

Limit your consumption of  the heavy stuff (Meat/Dairy/Sugar/white carbs). 
Eat organic and NO HORMONE added. 
You do not need hormone filled milk or chicken right now as your body won’t know what to do with that stuff! (A great approach to adding in more plant based meals is VB6 by Mark Bittman, I highly recommend it). 

I did my nutrition training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and their approach is to look at what works for you. A Light Happy Life is one where you love to eat good food but also food that makes you FEEL good. 

Step 2.  Listen to your body

All of these steps tie together so along with #1 Eat Healthy, it is REALLY important to listen to your body and not push something off as just a nuisance. 

If you are not feeling “regular”, notice it. 
If you have heartburn -- what did you eat? 
If you appear “puffy” what changed? 
If you are wiped out, why is that? 
What on your body is stiff? Do you need to move your body? Then how do you feel after a yoga class? 

Tune in.  Everything is connected. 

If you can keep a journal, kudos. I don’t think I’ve hand written anything since grad school so I love the DayOne journal app. You can sync it across all your devices and password protect it so that its for your eyes only. I use it on my computer and phone so I always have it handy and keep it separate from my work or household to-do list!

Chances are you have been living in a masculine energy. Pushing and going and doing.  This time is YOUR time to tune in to your body and your feelings.  Your time to really connect with your feminine body.


Step 3: Sync Yourself

Remember N'Snyc the band?  
It's your time to Sync'U (Sync yourself)

Align your body clock and sync yourself with the days and seasons. You are a mammal. You are designed to work with the day and seasons. Now, I’m not going to go all hippie-hippie here and say you have to sync with the phases of the moon but when it's dark, go to bed. 

Prepare yourself for bedtime and ensure that you have a restful, relaxing sleep. Turn off the electronics about 30 min before you want to sleep -- looking into the screen before bed tells your brain that you are looking into the sun. No wonder you can’t sleep! Whatever it is will be there in the morning. 

For temperature control it is important that your body temp starts to drop before sleep. Having a bath is one of the best things you can do before bed, not only is it a calming ritual, but the temperature change of a warm bath to cooling off can help you get to sleep and it can help with insomnia symptoms. (oh and don’t bring your iPad in the tub w you!!!)  Going to a night hot yoga class is also good for your body and sleep patterns. 

For the seasons...When it gets cold out, eat warm comforting foods; and vice versa when it's hot. This may not seem like a big deal but as your internal temperature resets, it is key to align your body with what is going on outside.


Step 4:  Manage your energy

Feeling burnt out?  Now you need to focus your energy instead of spreading it all over the place and wearing yourself thin.  

We worry about managing our time and purchase new apps and calendars and all sorts of things to try to control our time.  But they key is not the time spent but your energy spent.  Look at your calendar and see what you have booked in for yourself that is an energy drain.  Now imagine NOT going to it.  How would you feel?  If inside you know that by NOT going/doing etc would be best for YOU.  Then say no. Protect your energy with everything you have because you still have goals to do.  Your goals, passion projects, loved ones should be where your energy goes. 

Go for your goals with a new approach of ease and flow. Stop pushing so darn hard! Girl , I know you still have solid goals but constantly pushing is exhausting. That is a masculine approach and right now your body is totally feminine. A Light Happy Life is one where you have amazing goals but it is about having fun and achieving them with ease and flow. 

You still have a ton to do and achieve but it doesn’t all have to be today.

Step 5: Simplify and Selectify

I know selectify is not a word but it should ring true in a min. 

You know how now you may wander into a room because you came in for something and forgot what it was? Yeah, some of that is hormones for real but  some of that is because you have too much stuff. How much stuff do you have that bogs you down? Looking for something in the junk drawer?  Time to clear it out.  If you say the phrase"now where did I put _____".  Maybe it's time to weed and "selectify"

The recent book all about finding joy in cleaning made me think about what I really love and need. Do I need 5 new t-shirts from old Navy-- probably not. Take a look around and see what you still love and need. Donate, recycle, or toss the rest.

When you declutter your space, you will clear out space in your mind as well.   When shopping, focus on buying fewer and higher quality items.  Pare down to allow yourself the room to make beautiful, value based purchases.  Then when you look for it, it will be something that will hold meaning and you will know where it is. 

From the items that you own to WHO you let in your life, by being more selective you will manage your time and your energy. 

Step 6: Detox your LIFE

We once thought there was better living through chemicals. now we know better. 

You see it in your life.  Friends are getting sick.  New links between illness and toxins.  It's time to make a change.  I'm not going to tell you to get rid of everything you love but instead make small changes. 

Plastics -- try to use glass or minimal single use plastic wherever possible. You know those water bottles in the cabinet? Time to use them

Eliminate household chemicals -- did you know that you can clean your entire house with just water and amazing microfiber cloths?  Yep -- they are called Norwex and they work! I didn’t think it was possible but Im now obsessed with Norwex

Change your soaps -- What's in your dishwashing detergent?  Whatever it is, you are eating it.  There are great organic cleaning products such as Norwex,  BioClean and Mrs. Myers.

Cut down on your internal/personal toxins.  How much wine do you really need? Are you using coffee as a way to avoid your job? etc.  What's in your body lotion?  Educate yourself about the toxins you expose yourself to.  You know what you put in/on yourself; make it a better choice.   

It's time to Detox and just get rid of the stuff.

Step 7: Find Joy

All of the above steps are really saying to make some space in your life for what is to come. 

Ask yourself: What’s the bigger vision for your life? What do you actually want to do? Go bigger. what does that version of you that look like? How does she feel?

What would feel exciting, what would be amazing?

I love the work I do and connecting women to find their Light Happy Life. I put out programs and groups to help you.

Stay connected with me on FB and Instagram and lets do this together.