We are looking for LIGHT workers who want to share their wisdom, love, and creativity in helping others live their LIGHT HAPPY LIFE.

Light Happy Life serves women over 40 who want real life self-help, health, wellness, beauty, home, parenting, and LIFE content that supports them where they are at in their lives.  

Here is the process:

  1. READ the criteria below.  #1 criteria is that it has to fit the ideal audience (see above)
  2. Submit the form with your idea... start penciling out your article!
  3. We will let you know if it fits with the Light Happy Life brand
  4. If yes (!!!), then you will submit your article, photo, and link and we will post it on the site


There are two ways you can contribute -- Articles and Editorial Content


    Articles can range from personal development, spirituality, health, recipes, home and house tips, career or other relevant topics that are at the heart of a LIGHT HAPPY LIFE.

    You don’t have to be a certain age, or a published author just someone who writes authentically from the heart with a desire to awaken in others their true possibilities for health, wealth, happiness and growth. However, you do need to be a current blogger with your own site.  

    Create a great article

    AUDIENCE -- Keep in mind that our audience is women, generally over 40 who is BUSY, stressed, and needs to take a break.  Keep her in mind when writing your article. 

    IMAGE – choose an image that captures the article, and the attention of readers on social media. It can be the difference between 1 share and 100,000 and you must have the legal right to use the image. No logo, no website address. Just a plain beautiful image.  Think of your Facebook page and the images that catch your eye, then apply the same criteria.

    HEADLINE – This needs to grab the attention of readers. As a rule, list posts often have the greatest pull on your readers. Check out this article for more tips. 19 Headline Writing Tips for More Clickable, Shareable Blog Posts.

    AUTHENTICITY – As a contributor to LIGHT HAPPY LIFE we want you to connect with the reader through your authentic voice, to inspire and encourage others and to share your message on your social media outlets. 

    WORD COUNT – The post needs to be at least 700 words long and no more than 1,200.

    HOW TO SUBMIT – Submit your original article as an attached text document or straight into the email to contribute@lighthappylife.com using Article Submission in the subject line.  Example:  Article Submission: 5 Ways to Get More Sleep.

    Once it has been approved for publication, we will let you know. And once published we request that you share the post with your network and social media outlets and commit to at least one share on Facebook and Instagram.

    Articles submitted must be originals and not have been posted anywhere else articles MUST BE AUTHENTIC.  We will run articles through plagiarism checkers to ensure authenticity.  

    If you include a short bio and small image with a link to your website, product or service we will add it to your post. Please also add your social media links (not a personal profile!), including Facebook / Instagram page, Twitter or Pinterest.

    EDITS –  Any article submitted for publication automatically assumes your approval and consent to editing (if required). You, of course, will be credited as the author/contributor.


    Every month YOURLHL (Your Light Happy Life) offers curated content to our members. Content should be relevant to the following Editorial Calendar (subject to change).  Submissions for articles may be reviewed to be part of the Editorial Calendar if strong enough content. 

    You should submit for an ARTICLE FIRST!  Then we will review your content to see if it is strong enough to be selected for Editorial work. 


    • April -- Renewal, Self-Care, Spring Cleaning (inside and out!)
    • May -- Money -- A girl's gotta have it.  
    • June -- Green Living -- Reducing toxins inside and out
    • July -- Independence -- How do you feel FREE in your life?  (even when you have a mini-van full of kids)
    • August -- Farmer's Market -- All about organic living
    • September -- Back to School -- What can our reader learn now? 
    • October -- Pumpkin Spiced Life -- cozy, warm, ideas
    • November -- Gratitude -- it's not just for Thanksgiving
    • December -- Inner Light -- how can you shine your inner light in the holiday season. 

    Thank you so much, we look forward to seeing your wise words, insights and inspirational thoughts

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