I get it. 
The constant stress of a never ending to-do list.  Work. Errands. Tasks.  Everyone else needs attention.
Everyone else needs to be taken care of by you.

But what about you?  

Is this the life you envisioned for yourself? 


You have so much on your plate.  

You are wiped out when you go to bed and again when you wake up. 

You can't believe this is your life.

Your career, family, husband, partner, friends, house, mortgage, ect.

Laundry, school activities, work deadlines, time with your husband.  

Your brain is constantly spinning and trying to figure everything out.  

How to juggle everything. 

You can no longer keep this up. 

I've been there.

Hi, I'm Ann Marie.  I was there... Crying in the bathroom floor at work.  Angry.  Unhappy.  Filled with a whole bunch of "my life should not be like this" statements.

I've done my degrees put in my time, married who I thought I should but then I found myself alone after a divorce.  

With a mortgage and bills.  Wondering how I was going to keep on.  In a new town.

Managing but just getting through.  

Smiling on the outside but miserable on the inside.  

I knew this was not the way my life
was supposed to be.

I knew something had to change so I started to research, take courses and dive in until I found a way to incorporate practical mindfulness into my life.

I had no idea I could:

Be Happy by incorporating a few simple techniques into my life.

Fall asleep without 3 glasses of wine

Be Happy with my life. 

Look forward to the next day at work

Not stress out about my to-do list.  Things fall off them and the world does not end!

Be confident enough in my life that I can open my heart to love again. 

I know what steps for you take to find
your happiness again.