Close that book. Its done. Over. Finished.

I’m done w 2018. Done with it all. Don’t get me wrong there were also some good things but I’m ok saying good bye. Its done. Its finished. Time for a new start.

That made me think. Why don’t we do this with other areas of our life? We may do it with a piece of clothing? Those bootcut Seven jeans.. I’m so done with them and out they go. But when it comes to the stuff we hold onto the addictions (shopping, food, YouTube…) we don’t give it the same finality. Why is that? Is it because it is part of YOUR story?

Maybe it’s time to start a different story. Those things that were wrong are a #blessing. They are what will move you forward.

Let go of the old and make room for the new.

Get rid of the excuses. I’m done focusing on what didn’t work out. I’m telling that story, its over.

Whatever the excuse is, as long as you justify it you give it permission to stay. Get rid of it.

If you hang out with your excuses, issues, it’s going to stay. It will get cozy.

If you are hanging out with people that are negative (and maybe still wearing those bootcut jeans), guess what? You won’t change no matter what your resolution for 2019.

It’s time to start new. Fresh. Join a group with HAPPY people. Join the Light Happy Life Facebook Group. or follow us on Instagram.

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Ann Marie Henke