It's official -- I'm out of balance

I couldn't walk.  and the room was spinning.  Like freshman year in college too many jello shots spinning.  But without the fun dance party.   After a long week of work, family matters, visitors, travel, dealing with my fathers estate and mom in a nursing home, more travel. 

I actually had to go to the doctor and found out that I have a type of vertigo.  Its temporary but it is my body saying ENOUGH.  I have to take it easy do a few exercises to get the ear drums back to balance.  

What is important to me is that I KNEW I was pushing myself too much.  Doing too many things. Trying to be too much to everyone.  

As women, we often ignore our intuition and just push through.  

This is a wakeup call for me that in order to "find" balance I have to create it.  The same way that I create work projects, dinner, decide what yoga class to go to.   I have to listen to myself and what I need.  

So for now.. I'm staying upright and creating my balance -- literally and figuratively. 

Ann Marie Henke