3-steps to feel calm NOW with Stephannie Weikert

Stephannie Weikert

Hi I'm Stephannie Weikert  As a yoga therapist and teacher focused on stress relief, I work with students who need to relax NOW. The challenge is going from frantic to calm in a way that allows them to go on with the day centered and focused. 

The good news is that yoga is the simplest and most effective remedy for this type of stress and, even if you're busy and you've never done it before, yoga can be a part of your daily routine. (No mat, stretch pants, flexibility, or experience necessary!) 

You see yoga is so much more than postures on the mat. I often think of postures as an obstacle course for the real heart of yoga practice, which is learning how to connect with inner peace. (It’s there, I promise!) Yoga is highly effective as a remedy to stress because, as we practice, we have to release the inner struggle or escaping of what is happening within us. 

We cannot find our inner peace and continue to stress out at the same time. So next time you are stressed, pause, and try these 3-steps to get calm NOW: 

1. N. Notice how your stressing feels. (Like: worry, overwhelm, frustration, tension) 

2. O: Open to that moment as an opportunity to feel better (AKA practicing yoga and finding your inner peace), and 

3. W: Wish for what you want to feel instead. (As in, “I wish to feel calm.”)

With repetition, this practice becomes a habit and instead of continuing with the pattern of stressing, you begin to make peace with your stress, releasing the inner struggle and connecting with your inner calm, every day. (Yes, please!) 

To find out more about Stephannie and get "7 ways to practice simple yoga for stress (free)" Head over to her website: http://stephannieweikert.com/ 

Ann Marie Henke