Are you a daffodil in winter?

It's been a tough winter here in Boston.  March is always the worst month for me as I want it to be Spring so bad!  I just want to BLOOM.  And go outside for a walk.  Maybe not wear 5 layers of clothing.  But there is a layer of ice on everything.  So for now, I'm a daffodil in winter.  I'm ready for something new, ready to grow, ready to expand.  

The blog format of Light Happy Life is a lot like this.  We are growing and expanding.  Our blog will now feature articles from coaches and experts to help give you quick tips on health, life, and ways to live YOUR light happy life. 

The private monthly membership club of is about ready to open its doors!  I am so excited to help you in this format!  The private club will allow for a focused approach to what you see every month.  We know you are BUSY.  And you don't need a ton of topics (you don't need one more thing to be overwhelmed about!)  The private membership will allow you to have deeper interactions between you and our experts.  

Because the membership is new, I am offering you a FOUNDING membership rate.  This is almost HALF off the monthly rate and there is a limited number of these available.  This is open now so if you are thinking about it SIGN UP before it is gone! 

Ann Marie Henke